Welcome to the MegaPlanet landing page! The team is working hard to bring the game to you. We regularly update this page with the most commonly asked questions.

We have released a single player demo version of the game which is currently available for you to play. We do not have a fixed release date yet for the full game.

Yes, MegaPlanet will be playable on mobile.

Yes, the username which you chose when you were subscribed to Inside Access will be reserved for you if your Inside Access subscription ends.

Items are gifted on the 1st day of each month, you must be subscribed before this date to get that months items. For further assistance, please visit our Help & Support.

MegaPlanet is a new game that has taken some inspiration from past games of this nature. Therefore everyone will need to start with a fresh account.

No, Gold will not be tradeable on MegaPlanet.

Yes, Clothes will be tradeable on MegaPlanet.

Purchasing the MegaPlanet Inside Access comes with lots of benefits:
- Get an exclusive item every month which will not be available for purchase in the game!
- Get credits and gold credited to your account every month!
- Get exclusive access to new updates of the Demo game!

Yes, we are always looking for new, talented individuals to join our growing team, apply now!

Our social media channels constantly post updates and our studio website posts any major updates in more detail.